Mount Rainier

Female hiker with blue backpack looking at the view of Mount Rainier from high panorama point

Skyline Loop: 100 Classic Hike of Washington

A stunning display of grandeur, wildflowers, and waterfalls: the Skyline Loop Trail in Mount Rainier National Park. This trail beckons visitors from all over the world to take in the spectacular views of Mount Rainier.

Hiking in Mount Rainier is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Some of my favorite trails like: Naches Peak Loop, Boroughs Mountain, and Pinnacle Saddle are in Mount Rainier National Park!

This guide provides everything you need to know about accessing the trail, hiking the trail, and what to pack. Since Skyline Trail – Paradise is a 100 Classic Hike of Washington, as always, I will make a determination as to if the hike should be a 100 Classic Hike of Washington!

Exploren Borgen hiking to Pinnacle Saddle in Mount Rainier National Park, a 100 Classic Hike of Washington

Pinnacle Saddle: 100 Classic Hike of Washington

The Pinnacle Saddle is an underrated hike in Mount Rainier National Park and should not be overlooked by visitors to the park. On the Paradise side of the park, the accessibility is easy to access. With the option to hike to Pinnacle Peak with more elevation gain, it is a favorite spot for climbers in the park.

In this blog post we will cover general information about the trail, important access information, what it’s like to hike the trail, and other amazing hikes in the area.

Exploren Borgen hiking to High Rock Lookout a 100 Classic Hike of Washington

High Rock: 100 Classic Hike of Washington

Perched above the stunning landscape of Mount Rainier National Park, High Rock Lookout stands out as a destination hike for all those looking for panoramic views in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. This short hike does not fall short on elevation gain or beauty. While it takes a push to get to the top, this hike should be on everyone’s list who is hiking near Ashford, Washington and Mount Rainier National Park.

Mount Rainier on Naches Peak Loop

Naches Peak Loop: 100 Classic Hike of Washington

The Naches Peak Loop is a true gem nestled within the majestic Cascade Range. This 3.3 mile loop trail takes you through alpine meadows, dense forests, and panoramic vistas in the beautiful Mount Rainier National Park. From the vibrant wildflowers to the inspiring views of mount rainier and surrounding peaks, this extremely accessible trail has it all.

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