Hello! My name is Sarah Borgen

I have a passion for the outdoors. I spend my time as an adventurous educator, cozy car-camper, A-Type hot mess, slow & steady hiker and backpacker, and instant potato.

I love the outdoors, because like myself, it is unapologetically themselves. You can come as you are, be who you are, and find who you are all while surrounding yourself in the splendor of nature.

I love the feeling of crisp air on my skin in the morning and the sound of a crunchy leaves under my boot. Whether I am challenging myself on a longer, steeper hike or simply enjoying a peaceful short jaunt through the trees, I feel at home.

I grew up in the Midwest and went on the occasional camping trip with my entire extended family, but it was really my regular trips to Northern Wisconsin to visit my grandaunt that lit a fire in me for the outdoors. She taught me to respect bears, bees, trees, and hummingbirds. She taught me a respect for the wild. We would “hike” out on her property and set up tents to camp out and sing songs and roast marshmallows. I still call her and thank her for being my wild aunt that taught me how to clean fish and pitch a tent.

I am passionate about the outdoors being accessible to all those who care to enjoy it and making sure that the outdoors remain healthy so all who care to enjoy it currently and in the future, can.

When I am not on an adventure, you can find me in the classroom. I am a high school science teacher who prides herself in providing students opportunities to immerse themselves in learning opportunities rooted in human impact, sustainability, and equity. My mission is clear, outdoors for all, present and future.

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