There is nothing like spending a refreshing night under the stars! My name is Sarah Borgen and I grew up camping and my love for it has only grown since.

My camping gear collection started as used camping gear from family, to thifted/cheap gear in college, to a full-blown hobby of well, researched gear to support my needs, some of which is still from my college days!  

This past year, I started car camping to take advantage of my limited weekend time during my school year and it has been a blast! 

Find my camping guides, gear guides, camping/car camping “How To’s”, and Do’s and Do Not’s Below! 

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Carry on luggage packed with camping gear
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18 Best Ways to Stay Warm Car Camping in Winter
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Travel with me to Quebec
Come on an Unforgettable Adventure in Quebec!
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Top Birthday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Summer Edition
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Camping Gear 2023
7 AMAZING Pieces of Camping Gear for 2023
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Essential Car Camping Gear: Save and Splurge
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Camping Chairs with a cooler and a fire
Camping Gear: Splurge vs. Save
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