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Guide to the Best Coffee in Bend Oregon 2024

Bend Oregon is a hub for all things adventure and a good adventure begins with a good coffee.  There is no shortage of great coffee shops in Bend, Oregon. With every visit to Central Oregon, I add to my list of favorite Bend coffee shops and with this post, I hope to share the best coffee in Bend, Oregon with you! 

Bend Oregon is the perfect place for coffee enthusiasts as you can grab a cup of coffee almost anywhere you go. Bend coffee shops vary drastically from having a cozy cafe feeling to a modern elevated vibe. Whatever you’re searching for in a good cup of coffee, Bend Coffee shops have it. 

In this post, I have ranked my favorite Bend Coffeeshops and provided a short description of each. With each visit, I plan to add to my best coffee in Bend list to share the most up-to-date information!

Carrot cake and coffee cup

Best Coffee in Bend Oregon

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Bend is the epitome of outdoor recreation. However, every great outdoor adventure begins with a great cup of coffee. Here is a list of the best coffee in Bend!

1. Thump Coffee

Female pouring herself a cup of thump coffee in bend

Thump Coffee Roasters in Downtown Bend is my favorite place to grab a coffee in Bend. The small coffee house is inviting and is one of the local roasters that you can find served in a number of the best coffee shops around Bend, like Commons Cafe. Take home a bag of genuine coffee beans. 

Grab a bagel and drink one of their fair trade blends before heading out on your adventure. The excellent coffee and friendly staff have solidified this as one of the most popular coffee shops in the area. 

If I am being honest, Thump Coffee also has the best playlist out of all of the best coffee shops in Bend.

Visit Thump Coffee:

25 NW Minnesota Ave


2. Backporch Coffee Roasters

Inside of Backporch Coffee Roasters in Bend

Backporch Coffee Roasters is another favorite of mine! Besides having delicious coffee, they have an extensive list of espresso drinks ranging from seasonal staples like a pumpkin spice latte to your next new seasonal favorite like winter mint mocha. 

Backporch Coffee has a cozy atmosphere where you can feel free to relax with a good book or chat with the friendly staff about what’s happening around town. 

Backporch Coffee Roasters produces direct fair-trade coffee beans. 

Find them at any of their four locations throughout Bend.

Visit Backporch Coffee Roasters:

550 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 168


3. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Front door of lone pine coffee roasters
Lone Pine Coffee Sign

If you’re looking for an elevated coffee house experience, look no further than Lone Pine Coffee Roasters. This coffee bar does the hard work to make sure every espresso comes out perfectly balanced and made to perfection. Offering a variety of beans to choose from, customers experience a tasting room feel at this local favorite. 

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters in downtown Bend should be on your list. Don’t forget to take home a bag of coffee beans to remember your experience!

There is a reason Lone Pine Coffee Roasters has some of the best coffee in Bend and it is because they have a true commitment to the coffee beans they curate and roast.

Visit Lone Pine Coffee Roasters:

910 NW Harriman STE 150


4. Looney Bean of Bend

Walk way to the Looney bean of Bend which has some of the best coffee in bend

Along the Deschutes River, the Looney Bean of Bend is in a great spot to grab a good coffee before heading downtown for some shopping. The cozy cafe has a homey feeling giving it a classic coffee shop vibe. Whether you’re looking for a warm cup of coffee, cold brew, or hot chocolate, the full coffee shop can make whatever you’d like. 

Stop into the Looney Bean if you’re looking for a local business with a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious coffee.

Visit Looney Bean of Bend

961 NW Brooks St


5. Dudley's Bookshop Cafe

a combined coffee shop and book store in bend

Next time you’re in the mood for a good book and delicious coffee, Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe has some of the best coffee in Bend, Oregon. Grab a good coffee and a good book next time you’re in downtown Bend. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for a book recommendation while you wait for your coffee!

Visit Dudley’s Bookstore

135 NW Minnesota Ave


6. Commons Cafe

Commons Cafe Outdoor Patio

Commons Cafe is the epitome of Bend. Offering a reprise from hiking and adventures with a hot coffee or craft beer. This is one of the best cafes to relax in. On their large outdoor patio, you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Surrounded by local businesses, once you’re fueled up you can head out to the shops or continue onto your next adventure. 

Commons Cafe does not produce their own coffee, they serve coffee from one of the local roasters, Thump Coffee. Remember when I said Thump Coffee was the best coffee in Bend…

Visit Commons Cafe

875 NW Brooks St


7. Sisters Coffee Company

Sign of the Sister Coffee house one of the best coffee in bend

Located in the Old Mill District, Sisters Coffee Company is in a great location to stop for a good coffee while doing some shopping. Sisters Coffee Co. is a full coffee shop so you can get anything from a dark roast coffee to a hot chocolate or lavender latte. 

I find their espresso to be extremely smooth, so when I am doing some retail therapy, I often opt for a double shot of espresso. 

They have plenty of outdoor seating if you’re looking to relax between retail shops!

Visit Sisters Coffee Company

450 SW Powerhouse Dr #400


8. Wildroots Coffeehouse

two cups of espresso

Wildroots Coffeehouse is a nice neighborhood coffee shop outside of downtown Bend. Next time you’re on your way to Smith Rock, this would be a great coffee shop to stop in to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Serving Stumptown Coffee Roasters, you know the coffee will be good! 

They also serve pastries from Sparrow Bakery! The best coffee in Bend is incomplete without a good pastry and the best pastries come from Sparrow Bakery.

Visit Wildroots Coffeehouse

63130 Lancaster St #145


9. Sparrow Bakery

Female eating a slice of carrot cake and drinking a cup of coffee
Female walking down the street under the Sparrow Bakery Sign

Not technically a coffee shop, but I would be remiss to leave Sparrow Bakery off of the Best Coffee in Bend List. A vast majority of the best coffee shops in Bend serve Sparrow Bakery items in their pastry cases. You can stop in at the Sparrow Bakery Northwest Crossing location to grab the local favorite ocean roll and a cup of coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 

The Bakery is a great spot for delicious coffee and even better pastries. Whether you take the pastries to go from their grab-and-go window or stop in the industrial-style cafe, you’ll satisfy everyone’s taste. 

If you do stop in the cafe for brunch, consider grabbing a breakfast cocktail!

Visit Sparrow Bakery

2748 NW Crossing Dr #110


Best Coffee Just Outside of Bend Oregon

Breakfast sandwich and latte

Here is a short list of coffee shops just outside of Bend that are worth mentioning!

Tite Knot Craft Coffee

Tite Knot Craft Coffee is a coffee truck, but don’t be fooled by its humble exterior. Tite Knot has a full coffee bar offering top-tier coffee. Regardless of the time of day, there is likely a line at Tite Knot…unless I am always picking the wrong time of day to go there. 

One of the best things on their menu is their cordato. The rich blend of espresso and perfectly steamed milk is unmatched.

Visit Tite Craft Coffee

706 SW 10th St, Redmond, OR 97756


Junction Roastery

Man in blue beanie eating a breakfast sandwich at Junction Coffee Roastery

Junction Roastery is a coffee shop I find myself visiting again and again on my way home from Bend Oregon. While I cannot designate it as the best coffee in Bend, I will designate it as the best coffee just outside of Bend. Their cold brew is extraordinarily smooth and their pastries are delectable. 

They have a breakfast sandwich on a heavenly croissant. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, but not too sweet, their coffee cake is served in a generous portion with the perfect crumble top. 

Stopping at Junction Roastery is a must on your journey to find the best coffee in Bend even if it is just outside of Bend. 

Visit Junction Roastery

708 SW Deschutes Ave, Redmond, OR 97756


Pack It Up

There is no shortage of great coffee shops in Bend Oregon. Fueling your outdoor adventure in central Oregon takes a good cup of coffee and thankfully the best coffee shops are everywhere. 

So next time you find yourself in Bend, Oregon make finding the best coffee in Bend part of your itinerary. The local coffee shops have phenomenal coffee and friendly baristas that will make you feel at home. 

The Pacific Northwest is the best place for adventure but that begins with a good cup of coffee and Bend, Oregon is doing it right. 

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