7 AMAZING Sedona Hikes You Must Do

The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona make for striking scenery and beautiful sunsets and sunrises; making Sedona Hikes a must do activity on every visit. The trail system in Sedona is extensive with a variety of views and difficulty levels. Plus with how close the trails are to downtown, there is a trail for everyone. As a Pacific Northwest Hiker, I have found that Sedona has some of the best trails I have ever hiked. 

Here are the seven trails that best encompass the picturesque area and beauty of Sedona hiking trails.

Spectacular Sedona Hikes

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Sedona Hikes Pin #1

Sunrise Worthy Sedona Hikes

Sedona has striking sunrises that begin to illuminate the red rocks with an unmatched beauty. The following are some Sedona Hiking Trails that truly encapsulate the area. 

1. Devil's Bridge via Chuckwagon

Amazing hike in Sedona Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge Trail is probably one of the most iconic hikes in Sedona, Arizona. Even with a large parking lot, the city still provides a free shuttle to the trailhead. The route to Devil’s Bridge can vary a little bit, but the most traveled route starts at the Dry Creek Trailhead where the shuttle drops people off. Hikers will take Dry Creek Road, an OHV Road to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead. On the return from Devil’s Bridge, I recommend following the Chuckwagon Trail back to the Dry Creek Trailhead, to avoid large crowds and vehicle traffic. Taking Chuckwagon adds about a mile to the total distance of the trail and no elevation gain.

Morning view of Devil's Bridge

Trail Length: 5.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 728 feet

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Parking Lot: Dry Creek Vista Trailhead, shuttle available

Bathroom?: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Must be leashed

Pass/Permit: None

Birthing Cave Trail was a quick and easy sunrise hike. With a short but steep climb up to the cave, the immaculate views of this Sedona Hike make the climb worth the effort. When I completed the hike for sunrise there were four other people in the cave and you could hear a pack of coyotes howling and yipping in the distance. This trail opened my eyes to why Sedona is referred to as a spiritual place. 

Trail Length: 2.0 miles

Elevation Gain: 291 feet

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Parking Lot: Road Pull-Off, Limited spaces

Bathroom?: No

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: No

Amazing Sedona Hike Birthing Cave at Sunrise

3. Brewer Trail

Amazing Sedona Hikes Brewer Trail at Sunrise

Brewer Trail is in the heart of Sedona and is an extension of a short lookout, Summit Trail. The trail provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and wilderness. The Summit Trail is also accessible via the Airport Mesa Trail. Waiting for sunrise there were a handful of people at the top, but plenty of space to stand and wait for the beautiful sunrise to come over the mountains. This trail is easy to follow in the dark, but does have a little more elevation gain than some of the other trails in the area. If you’re looking for a quick trail to complete for sunrise, this hike should absolutely be on your list. 

Brewer Trail at sunrise amazing Sedona hike

Trail Length: 1.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 374 feet

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Parking Lot: Road Pull-Off, limited spaces

Bathroom?: No

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: No

Kid AND Adult Friendly Sedona Hikes

These two Sedona hikes are Kid and Adult Friendly because they are absolutely enjoyable for both.

4. Montezuma Castle Interpretive Trail

Kid Friendly Sedona Hike Montezuma Castle

A little outside of Sedona, Arizona rests a historical look into the history of the people who once thrived in the surrounding area. This National Historical Monument tells a story of the people of the area who lived in a 20 room cliff dwelling. This look into the past absolutely needs to be on your Sedona Hiking list.

Trail Length: 0.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 36 feet

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Parking Lot: Yes

Bathroom?: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: America the Beautiful

Montezuma Castle amazing Sedona Hike

5. Fay Canyon and Fay Canyon Arch

View of Fay Canyon Arch on Fay Canyon Trail as Sedona Hike

Close to a number of other spectacular hikes, Fay Canyon was magical. The trailhead is across the street from the parking lot which has views of Doe Mountain. Fay Canyon seems to take hikers into another world. Walking underneath a desert canopy, this trail provides ample shade for visitors. The slow meandering trail reaches the base of the canyon with an “End of Trail” sign. For those wanting a view from above, the rocks at the base of the canyon provide stable hiking and visitors will quickly arrive in the heart of the canyon with views of the forest they just walked through. This was a trip favorite!

Hike up to Fay Canyon for an amazing Sedona hike

Trail Length: 2.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 193 feet

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Parking Lot: Yes

Bathroom?: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: No

Spectacular Sedona Hikes with a little challenge

While the following hikes may not seem challenging because of the trail length to elevation gain ratio, they are challenging because the grade of the hike is more strenuous than some of the others previous listed.  Both can be completed by anyone up for a challenge!

6. Doe Mountain

View from the top Doe Mountain amazing Sedona Hike

Doe Mountain is one of the more challenging hikes in the area, but it was one of the most scenic. With a collection of switchbacks, hikers eventually make it to the top of the butte. The view from the top of the mountain includes that of the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness and all of the peaks within the area. What makes this hike amazing for sunrise or sunset, is that on top of the butte, hikers can position themselves for 360 views of the area. So whether you’re looking for a brisk morning hike or a cool evening hike, this trail will provide spectacular views.

Trail Length: 1.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 511 feet

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Parking Lot: Yes

Bathroom?: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: Red Rocks Pass / America the Beautiful

Explorenborgen at the top of doe mountain on an epic sedona hike

7. Keyhole Cave

Amazing Sedona Hike to keyhole cave

This is one of my favorite hikes in Sedona and once you make it to the cave, you’ll know why. With a challenging climb up to the cave and an even more challenging scramble up into the keyhole, this hike is not for the faint of heart. The sugarloaf area is extremely beautiful and the views from the cave are immaculate. If you’re up for a challenge, this is a must.

great view of keyhole cave. Hike in sedona

Trail Length: 2.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 472 feet

Trail Difficulty: Hard

Parking Lot: Yes, limited spaces

Bathroom?: No

Dog-Friendly: Must be on leash

Pass/Permit: No

Honorable Mentions

Amazing Sedona Hikes to do

With hundreds of trails to choose from it is near impossible to narrow it down to a list so small. There were a number of trails I did not have an opportunity to do that I wanted to and some that I did that I found to be lackluster. 

Trails I wanted to do: 

  1. Cathedral Rock 
  2. West Fork 
  3. Baldwin Trail 

Trails I thought weren’t great: 

  1. Seven Sacred Pools 
  2. Broken Arrow Trail

What to bring for Sedona Hiking

Hiking is hiking, but there are extra precautions that should be taken when hiking in a hot, dry and sunny area such as temperate semi-arid climate.

Clothes to pack for hiking in sedona
Hiking Boots

A sturdy hiking boot for these rocky trails is a lifesaver! My favorite boot is the Oboz Bridger Mid.


Pair your sturdy hiking boot with a sock that will minimize blisters. Wool socks from Darn Tough are a fan favorite, but there are plenty of wool based socks that will keep your feet dry from sweat or water.


In direct sunlight and at this longitude, the sun is hot and direct. Put on sunscreen before you head out and reapply throughout the day.


It is suggested to bring 1 liter of water for every two hours on the trail. Staying hydrated is imperative for a safe and enjoyable hike. Adjust the amount of water you bring according to the temperature. I find myself drinking 0.5 Liter to 1 Liter of water every hour on really hot days on strenuous trails. Most rescues in the area happen because hikers don’t bring enough water.


Always begin with a base layer made of moisture wicking material. Clothes made out of cotton are a big no-no for hiking because they are slow to dry and keep water close to the body. They can also cause chafing. On hot days, I like to wear a sun shirt like this one to keep me dry and protected from the sun. 


Food is fuel for the body and should be eaten as such. Bring lots of snacks that you enjoy eating and can provide your body with the energy it needs. There is no right or wrong food as long as you have enough for the activity you’re doing. I enjoy bringing cliff bars, energy gummies, and lots of candy.


Sedona Hiking Trails can sometimes be tricky to follow. Make sure you have a map of the trail or a GPS device to follow so you do not get lost!

There are so many items you can back on your Sedona Hike with you, but you should always bring the ten essentials of hiking with you. If you’re not sure what the ten essentials of hiking are, check out this blog post on the hiking essentials!

I finished my Sedona Hike. Now what?

Sedona is rich with activities to do, things to see and places to eat. After a morning hike in Sedona, I am looking forward to having lunch and a post-hike beer before starting anything else. 

Post Sedona Hike drink and snack

Post-Hike Drink and Snack

In my short trip I think I managed to find two of the best spots for a post hike beverage and snack. Let me tell you, Sedona Hikes will get you to work up a sweat!

Option 1: AGAVE89

This Mexican cantina had some of the best chips and salsa and delicious margaritas. Their spicy margarita was delicious and paired with the homemade chips, made for a great post hike stop. They have a fantastic menu with lots to choose from and is definitely a stop worthy restaurant.

Option 2: Sedona Beer Co.

Sedona Beer Company was a refreshing stop! They had an extensive rotating beer list and a variety of french fry options! While their menu had tons of food options, I opted for the bacon ranch french fries. This is a great place to stop for a quick bite and a drink or for a nice afternoon with friends.

Post Hike Adventure

Post Sedona Hike Adventure

Sedona, Arizona is in the heart of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Only two hours from the Grand Canyon and Phoenix, the options for activities are endless.

Red Rocks Jeep Tour

One of the most popular activities in Sedona is a Red Rocks Jeep Tour. This unique way of getting up close and personal with the area is a fantastic option for people with children, people with limited mobility, or those that just want to take a sick ride on an off-road vehicle. 

ATV Tour

Want to do the driving yourself? Rent an ATV and go on the tour in some of the areas most people will never get to see. This Sedona ATV tour will take you throughout the West Sedona Canyon showing some of the areas of famous movie sites.

Stargazing and UFO Sitings

Up for a late night? Check out some of the most spectacular night sky stargazing in the United states. This guided tour will take you to lucrative locations and provide military night vision goggles. The tour will explain some of the unexplainable UFO activity in the area.

Train to Grand Canyon

Want to travel into the Grand Canyon but don’t want to drive? Take a train! While this day trip in Sedona does not stay in Sedona, there are unparalleled views from the rail stations to the Grand Canyon. Then tour the South and East Rim by van.

Sedona Hiking Conclusion

Whether you’re an avid hiker, new to hiking, or have never been hiking before. Sedona Hikes are a must do activity when visiting the area. As always when visiting an area, especially an area with such a fragile ecosystem, remember to leave no trace. Whether you visit Sedona once or many times, consider taking the Sedona Cares Pledge to protect and preserve the area. You can sign the pledge here at Visit Sedona.

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