HydraPak Flux+: Gear Review

As a long-time HydraPak Gear lover, shout out to the HydraPak Stow, I couldn’t resist testing the HydraPak Flux+ Water Bottle. As an avid hiker and backpacker living in Seattle, I know the importance of having a reliable water bottle. But what I was truly excited for with the HydraPak Flux+ was that it also filtered water as you drank. A genius concept that needed to be put to the test. I headed out on two three day, two night backpacking trips and a number of hikes for the test.

In this blog post I will be reviewing HydraPak, Key Features of the HydraPak Flux+, alternative options to the Flux+, and my final thoughts on the water bottle.

HydraPak Flux+ Water Bottle

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HydraPak Stow...a fantastic waterbottle

When it comes to outdoor gear, HydraPak is the brand that sets the bar high for durability and innovation. They’re all about producing top-notch products that can withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions and activities. With the tough situations I’ve put my various HydraPak products through, I can attest to their tough design. One of my personal favorites is the HydraPak Stow. Last summer I forgot the tube to my water reservoir before heading out on a four night backpacking trip in the Enchantments and ended up using the Stow the entire time.

HydraPak’s dedication to delivering high-quality gear that surpasses expectations has changed the hydration game. You’d be surprised how many different brands partner with hydrapak for their products, including Osprey.

Key Features of HydraPak Flux+

Check out the incredible features of the HydraPak Flux+:

– The Flux+ comes with a 1.5-liter collapsible water bottle and a 42 mm filter cap, giving you the perfect hydration companion for your hiking escapades. It’s nice to have a water bottle that can take up as much or as little space as necessary

– The Flux+ bottle is 50% lighter than hard bottles, making it a breeze to carry. And here’s the best part: when it’s empty, it compresses down to fit right in your pocket. It was great just carrying the HydraPak Flux+ instead of a water reservoir on my last two three day backpacking trips. 

Exploren Borgen drinking from the HydraPak Flux+

– The Flux+ features a high-flow nozzle that opens and closes in a snap. Just flip the cap open and twist to open the valve. It was easy to just flip it upside down and pour the water into my JetBoil when I needed to cook.

– Thanks to its flexible handle, the Flux+ offers a comfortable grip while allowing for quick attachment to your gear. Plus, when you’re done, you can easily secure the rolled-up bottle. The Flux+ bottle is designed to fit snugly in your pack pockets when it’s full. 

– The Flux+ is 100% BPA and PVC free, ensuring your water stays pure and uncontaminated. And guess what? It can handle a wide range of temperatures, so you can freeze it or fill it with piping hot water (up to 60°C/140°F). I couldn’t find any information on the impact that extremely hot water has on the filter though. 

– The included 42 mm filter cap is a champion at removing common bacteria like E. coli (99.9999%) and parasitic cysts (99.999%), surpassing EPA Guide Standards and NSF P231. It felt great being able to fill-up my bottle from a cold stream and drink it immediately. My most recent trip to Olympic National Park had some of the coldest, most refreshing water EVER!

Backpacking with the HydraPak Flux+

– The filter cap also works wonders by eliminating microplastics (99.999%) that are equal to or larger than 3.0 microns. Unfortunately, we need to be considering these things today. 

– The HydraPak Flux+ filters water at a rate of over 1 liter per minute. The filter is good for 1,500 L of usage and can easily be replaced. If you find that the filter is slow, you can rinse it at home to remove any sediment that might be blocking the filter.

So what do I REALLY think of the HydraPak Flux+?

HydraPak Flux+ Waterbottle in a standard backpack

Thinks I Like About the Flux+

I truly love the Flux+ water bottle by HydraPak. The large 1.5 L capacity makes it easy to stay hydrated on short hikes, but with the filter I refill it on the hike if there is flowing water available. 

This HydraPak Flux+ will be in my Backpacking Pack every trip this summer.

Things I Do NOT Like About the Flux+

I wish that there were more size options for the Flux+. Even a 1.0 L would be great for day hikes. Otherwise…no notes.

You can purchase the HydraPak Flux in 1L, but it does not include the filter. The filter is sold separately though!

Alternatives to the HydraPak Flux+

The Flux+ 1.5L water bottle runs $55.00

The other filtering water bottle the HydraPak offers is the Katadyn BeFree 1.0 L. This is a GREAT filtering water bottle. The main difference between the Katadyn and the Flux+ is the structure. The Flux+ has significant;y more structure than the Katadyn. I actually use the Katadyn Gravity filter for water filtration on backpacking trips.

HydraPak Flux+ Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go Series – $44.95

I carry a life straw with me in all of my packs just in case. The Filtering Water Bottle option by LifeStraw is a great option for people traveling to other countries where the drinking water might not be safe. It has a 22 fl. Oz. capacities and is lightweight.

Katadyn  BeFree 1.0 L Water Filter Bottle – $49.95 

As mentioned above, this is a great water bottle to filter on the go. It has a slender design and is lightweight for backpacking and hiking. It uses the same filter as the Flux+ as well. It is not structured, so if you’re looking for a more traditional water bottle, the Go Series might be a better option. 

Final Thoughts on the Flux+

And there you have it! After putting the HydraPak Flux+ through its paces, I am thrilled to give it the “Exploren Borgen Stamp of Approval.” This water bottle has truly impressed me with its exceptional performance, remarkable durability, and incredible value. Whether you’re embarking on a challenging backpacking trip or simply going for a leisurely hike, the Flux+ is the perfect companion. Its lightweight and compact design make it a breeze to carry, while the high-flow nozzle ensures quick and convenient hydration on the go. 

HydraPak Flux+ Water Bottle

The bottle’s durability and construction are second to none, with its ultra-durable TPU material and RF-welded seams standing up to the toughest conditions. And let’s not forget the outstanding value it offers – a top-notch water bottle at an affordable price. With its overall performance, durability, and unbeatable value, I wholeheartedly recommend the HydraPak Flux+ to fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

Stay hydrated, explore with confidence, and enjoy the journey with this exceptional water bottle by your side!

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