Iceberg Point: 100 Classic Hike of Washington

Iceberg Point, a classic hike of Washington, is located on Lopez Island in the San Juans and is a beautiful representation of the coast. The loop trail offers epic views of the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains. Hiking amongst the countless sea birds, this trail encompasses everything I look for in a coastal trail.

ExplorenBorgen hiking Iceberg Point a 100 Classic Hiker of Washington

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Iceberg Point Trail on Lopez Island

General Information

Region: San Juan Islands

Length: 3.0 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 50 ft

Time: 1.5 hours + 

When to go:  Year-Round

Pass/Permit?: None

Dogs Allowed?:  On-Leash

Hiking Iceberg Point

Beginning at Agate Beach County Park, there is a small parking lot with a bathroom. There is a residential area so hikers will need to walk through along a gravel road before reaching a grove of trees on a shaded path. There are a number of signs that point in the direction of the trail, but I found it easiest to keep my AllTrails app open to follow the trail guide.

Beginning of Iceberg Point Trail

Once off the road, the arching trees of this almost mythical forest lead to the sea. There is a plaque at the end of the forest that visitors should absolutely take the time to read. It speaks on the treaty of 1908, how native people managed the land, and also provides some options for the trail.

100 Classic Hike of Washington on Lopez Island

The Treaty of 1908 was a treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom. This treaty set the boundaries in place for the borders between the US and Canada including the passage ways. It was determined at the 49th parallel, the latitudinal line separating the US and Canada.

Iceberg Point Trail in the San Juan islands

Turning left from the plaque, hikers can hike out to the statue where the treaty was signed or they can turn right to hike out towards the lighthouse signal. There are a number of cross cutting routes to take at this point, but there is no right or wrong route to take. I highly recommend hiking down to do some tidepooling if you have the opportunity! 

On summer days, the orcas pods can be seen from the trail and wildflowers are in full bloom. This hike is accessible year-round and I truly believe it is enjoyable year-round. 

Should Iceberg Point be a Classic Hike?

This should be a classic hike of Washington. 

This hike is unlike any of the other hikes in the San Juans 100 Classic Hikes. It has a rich history of the United States and if you’ve followed me on any of my other classic hikes, you know I love learning about the historical relevance of the hikes I go on. 

I am interested to see how this coastal hike compares to the other hikes in coastal areas such as the Olympics.

Things to Consider When Hiking Iceberg Point

This hike requires the use of the Washington Ferry System. I recommend spending a couple days out in the San Juans either on Orcas Island or San Juan Island just to get the most out of your trip out there.

Exploren Borgen hiking Iceberg Point Trail in Washington

Some other classic hikes I’ve enjoyed in the area are Mount Constitution and Turtlehead

Happy Hiking!

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